Tyler Fall Prayer Update

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Dear Prayer Partners,

In 28 years of ministry, we have never been as busy as we have been these last few months! During this time we have had 4 camp weeks, a 3-week tour with the Gillespie family who came to help us promote the start of The Biblical College International which began at the first of October. Debra and I are both involved with teaching and administration, so we spend 3 days a week at the college. Meanwhile, there has been much detail work almost on a daily basis to finish the house for our Romanian pastor and his family. Praise the Lord, they were able to move in at the end of October and are enjoying the comfort of a warm and efficient home.

I state all these things at the beginning because I want to assure you that the only reason you have not heard from us in recent weeks is because we are busy in the Master's work, and your prayers and faithful support have kept us going. There have been some major challenges, especially financially; however, we have seen God's provision and blessing of our faith.

Now we are in our Missions Month and are busy prepairing for our first Spiritual Leadership Conference - Eastern Europe with our pastor, Dr. Paul Chappell and Brother Jerry Ferrso from Lancaster Baptist Church, as well as Pastor Stephen Chappell from Oceanside, CA. They, along with their wives, will be with us for several days in December and there are already over 50 who have made reservation to stay in our College facilities. I expect that there will be many others who will come and this will be the biggest event in the history of our church in Timisoara! If you know someone in Europe who might like to attend, please send them to the SLC-EE website: .

Please pray with us for a van for the ministry. My 8-passenger van quit on us a couple of weeks ago, and it looks like it will cost a couple thousand dollars to repair. We have used it for several years for transporting people to and from church as well as for camp and any other activities, and it has served as a second vehicle for us (which is needed). Pray specifially that we would be able to get one with an automatic transmission, so that Dan, who lost his left leg in the Romanian Revolution of 1989, can once again drive for the Lord. He and his family spent 3 months in California this year and experienced the blessing when he and his family were picked up every week by Bus #3 of North Valley Baptist Church. THANK-YOU, PASTOR TRIEBER AND BUS 3 WORKERS! He came back really fired up to get our own "Bus Ministry" going. He uses his own little Toyota to bring others to every service; so such a van would be an answer to prayer for the ministry.

In addition to all the activity and preparations, there is a heavy burden on my mind regarding the first annual payment for our church property that is less than 6 months away. I feel a heavy responsibility to meet this need; yet it is the Lord Who can provide. I have considered many options, but have not yet found a financing solution to meet such a large obligation. Please pray for wisdom and strength.

Your servant in Christ,
Tim J. Tyler
BIMI Missionary to Romania (#1258)

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