Summer Update

August 31, 2012

Dear Prayer Partners,

"… the summer is ended, and we are not saved." Jeremiah 8:20 This simply means we have much more to do for the Lord!

We have had a very busy summer which began with some special meetings and VBS. Over 90 children attended during the exciting 3-day program put on with the help of 20 teens and adults from Arden Road Baptist Church in Amarillo, TX. We saw several return to participate in our weekly Sunday School classes. We also had children at each of the 4 weeks of summer camp, and several of them would not have been able to attend without help financially. So we gave them some projects at the church like painting and cleaning; so they would appreciate the opportunity even more. The cost each week just for fuel was about $200 (at about $6.60/gallon).

During the month of August, we had some 15 visitors in our services. We are following up on them and praying for souls to be saved. We distribute an average of 600-1000 tracts a week, and we trust that our obedience is receiving God's blessings.

Ioana, our assistant pastor's wife, has finished a 3 week program at a health clinic and her tests show no cancer and she feels better than she has in years. They have been a faithful and encouraging testimony for the Lord through their trials. Tabita continues to make slow, but promising, progress. It will be a year in October from when she was hit in the head by a car. The doctors still talk of her as the miracle girl, and today her mother told me that the city will put protected crosswalks at the place near her school where she was injured.

Our minivan finally gave up the ghost when the engine blew, and we need to sell our passenger van and try to replace it with a more reliable vehicle for transporting people for church. If you would please pray that we can find a van with automatic transmission, then Bro. Dan, who lost a leg during the Romanian Revolution of 1989, would be able to continue driving people to and from church.

Besides the increasing fuel costs that we face when the weather turns colder, we have several specific needs for which we ask for your prayers:
1. A new over-head garage door for the vehicle entrance at the church - $1100-1200 installed
2. Carpet for the children's classrooms – approx. $600
3. Thermal-pane doors to replace the French doors that divide 2 of the classes (this with the carpet is needed to block the noise between groups) – approx. $1000
4. Thermal-pane windows to help reduce our gas bill – about $300 each X 5
5. Fencing around the back of the property - $200
6. A BIG project is to finish the building that would provide housing for our Romanian pastor's family as well as provide extra classroom space. We have volunteers who have offered to do the work, but the materials need to be purchased first. Just to get the roof on the walls that exist will cost about $10,000. Other materials to finish the interior and exterior will be available when we receive the estimate from the architect.

Perhaps one of these projects would be of interest for a mission, class or personal funding project. We would like to hear from you and will also give updates as needs are met. To God be all the glory!

We appreciate your faithful regular prayers and support as we labor for souls and desciple for the Lord. Please also pray for our church family as several are looking for work and some are facing some very difficult trials. Please contact us if you need further information or have any questions.

Your servants in Christ,
Tim & Debra Tyler
Missionaries to Romania
Mobile: +40-723-400088
Home: +40-256-321560
Yahoo Phone-in: 541-210-8024 (number to my computer to leave message online)

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Lancaster Baptist Church

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