Monday Memo - 2010.06.01

This Monday Memo is late not only by a day, but also by several weeks. Our ministries have been filled with activity and we are planning for a very busy summer!

May was busy with several special events at our church in Timisoara. We had our monthly Christian Children’s Club (an evangelistic outreach) and again had over 40 in attendance. As a result, we have had an average of 23 children in our Sunday School and Junior Church each week. There have also been visitors from among their parents. On the 15th, a group of 15 teens convoyed through Timisoara on bicycles, arriving at a lakeside park for a picnic and praise time. Our youth director, Cosmin, and his family have been doing a great job teaching and leading the youth ministries of our church. He is a postal worker and Ioana is a pre-school teacher, and they have 2 boys, David (5) and Tomas (3).

Last Saturday, we had a church picnic at our house and there were about 40 people, most of whom we transported from the city to our home in Buzias. We ate and played together, as they also welcomed Rebekah back for the summer. She had arrived the day before and was a bit "out of it", but everyone was so happy to see her again. There was a real sense of fellowship in the Lord and everyone said, "Let's do that more often!"

Our full concentration and energy is currently directed toward the coming of a large group from Eastland Baptist Church in Tulsa. We are looking forward to "striving together for the faith of the Gospel" (Phil. 1:27) and have planned special outreach events during their time with us. Please pray for traveling mercies and for wisdom in all ministry efforts. We want to allow the Lord to work and to be His servants to accomplish His will.

By faith, we are printing 10,000 copies of the DONE book in Romanian, at a price of about 50 cents a copy. We gave the printer an advance of $2500 and will need to pay the rest over the next 2 months. Please pray for this need.

I'd like to share with you a personal request. We would like to have John home for a couple of weeks this summer. It has been a year and a half since he was here, but the cost of travel has increased so much that it may not be possible for him to come. He just finished his 3rd year at West Coast Baptist College and has been paying his own way through school and serving on the music staff of Lancaster Baptist Church. We only ask you to pray that the Lord will provide a way if it is His will.

Darci and Derrick are doing well in Macon, GA, and we are waiting rather impatiently for the arrival of our first grandson in August. Debra plans to be there to help in any way she can.

Your prayers and financial gifts greatly appreciated and are having an impact in Romania! Thank you for your faithfulness.

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