2010 Tyler Christmas Praises

Dear Prayer Partners,

First of all, we want to wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a BLESSED NEW YEAR!

Speaking of the new year, it gives us occasion to recall some of the many blessings of the present one…
January 2010 – Our church in Timisoara hosted our 5th annual Church Planters Conference with Bro. Rick Houk and 77 in attendance (about half of them national pastors and missionaries in Romania)
February 2010 – The teens of our church put on a Sweetheart Banquet for the adults in our church with the theme, “An evening in Venice”.
March 2010 – Bro. Gabriel Rivera preached a family conference for us. Zoli, the husband of one of our faithful ladies, was also saved during this month.
April 2010 – Rebekah got engaged to Travis Garza with our blessing. Zoli was baptized (he also brought 10 visitors to see it) and began discipleship lessons.
May 2010 – Reprinted 10,000 copies of the “Done” book in Romanian. Rebekah arrived to help us for the summer.
June 2010 – Pastor Troy Dorrell and 28 adults and teens from Eastland Baptist Church in Tulsa, OK, came for an unforgetable 10 days in which thousands of tracts and Done books were distributed, special services were held in Romanian and Gypsy churches and whirlwind siteseeing tours were conducted of Roman ruins, medieval castles and Budapest landmarks. (GREAT FUN! But I think we slept a week afterwards.)
July 2010 – VBS was held earlier than usual, but had great results and the help of 2 girls from West Coast Baptist College – Sarah Cook and Rebecca Furlong. John came home for 2 weeks at the end of the month and we made a wonderful family trip to Rome.
August 2010 – Our church sent 25 children to Camp of Joy (divided into 3 age-appropriate weeks). During this time Debra was Stateside for the birth of our first grandchild on August 12, 2010: Titus Evan Williams. She and Rebekah were present for the event, and I was on the phone with them to hear the cries of a newborn miracle. AWESOME!
September 2010 – Debra returned with Sarah Helwig, a 2010 Masters graduate of WCBC, who came to work with us for a year-and-a-half or more. Praise the Lord for her musical talents and servant spirit.
October 2010 – John asked Pearl Choi to marry him. Dr. W.A. Smith from Oklahoma City, OK, was our guest speaker for the 5th anniversary of the Timisoara Independent Baptist Church.
November 2010 – I preached at 2 mission conferences in Hungary, and our church held our “By Grace” Mission Conference.
December 2010 – Here we are, ready for special Christmas concerts and making plans for 2011!

All of these things were possible “Because You Gave” (see below)

Your servants in Christ,
Tim & Debra Tyler and family

Because You Gave
by Tim Stephens

We worked today.
Ordinary jobs were accomplished because of you.
We composed lessons and letters on a computer you bought for us.
Necessary errands were run in a dependable vehicle you purchased.
Our children were schooled from books you paid for.
We have lights, water and a home
Because you gave.

We relaxed today.
An outing you provided refreshed our family.
We turned aside from the routine and enjoyed a meal out.
Thank you.
We laughed and played together and had a restful time
Because you gave.

We worshipped today.
Your sacrifice paid for believers to travel to church.
They gathered in a building that you rented and remodeled.
They read from the Bibles you bought
And sat in chairs you donated so they might hear God's Word.
They praised their Savior from songbooks in their native tongue
Because you gave.

Someone was saved today.
You stood with us as we proclaimed to him the everlasting gospel.
A disciple whom you helped us train led him to Jesus.
He will follow his Lord in a baptismal that you helped purchase.
He will grow in grace and in the knowledge of Christ
And his life will be forever changed
Because you gave.

Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.
2 Corinthians 9:15


Monday Memo - September 27, 2010

MONDAY MEMO - September 27, 2010

Dear Prayer Partners,
Yesterday was Bible Day at the Timisoara Independent Baptist Church and everyone received a quality Bible for their personal use.  The new translation in Romanian is the culmination of over 8 years of work, which began with the Gospel Light Independent Baptist Church in Cluj and has involved many other individuals and churches.  Our people have participated in the proofreading process for over 2 years; so they are glad to have the final product in hand.  They were amazed at the quality, too.

It was a special blessing to see the children of our church clutching their new Bibles in their arms like a treasure (which it is).  We plan to give every visitor who comes a Bible and the Done book, along with our church brochure.  Next Sunday is Student Day and we will go out in the University complex to invite students to come visit our church.  Please pray that they will be receptive and come to hear the Gospel.

Also, this Saturday, we will be hosting all the Children's Ministry workers at our home for some fellowship and training.  We have some wonderful people who really love children and are dedicated to bringing them to a personal relationship with Jesus.

Please remember to pray for us during this busy time of year.  Starting tomorrow night and for the next month, I’ll be covering the mid-week services at the Gypsy church in Timisoara while the Heisey family is on a brief furlough.  The devil tries to attack people during these times, but "greater is He that is in you (us), than he that is in the world"!

Your servant in Christ,
Tim J. Tyler



Monday Memo - 2010.06.01

This Monday Memo is late not only by a day, but also by several weeks. Our ministries have been filled with activity and we are planning for a very busy summer!

May was busy with several special events at our church in Timisoara. We had our monthly Christian Children’s Club (an evangelistic outreach) and again had over 40 in attendance. As a result, we have had an average of 23 children in our Sunday School and Junior Church each week. There have also been visitors from among their parents. On the 15th, a group of 15 teens convoyed through Timisoara on bicycles, arriving at a lakeside park for a picnic and praise time. Our youth director, Cosmin, and his family have been doing a great job teaching and leading the youth ministries of our church. He is a postal worker and Ioana is a pre-school teacher, and they have 2 boys, David (5) and Tomas (3).

Last Saturday, we had a church picnic at our house and there were about 40 people, most of whom we transported from the city to our home in Buzias. We ate and played together, as they also welcomed Rebekah back for the summer. She had arrived the day before and was a bit "out of it", but everyone was so happy to see her again. There was a real sense of fellowship in the Lord and everyone said, "Let's do that more often!"

Our full concentration and energy is currently directed toward the coming of a large group from Eastland Baptist Church in Tulsa. We are looking forward to "striving together for the faith of the Gospel" (Phil. 1:27) and have planned special outreach events during their time with us. Please pray for traveling mercies and for wisdom in all ministry efforts. We want to allow the Lord to work and to be His servants to accomplish His will.

By faith, we are printing 10,000 copies of the DONE book in Romanian, at a price of about 50 cents a copy. We gave the printer an advance of $2500 and will need to pay the rest over the next 2 months. Please pray for this need.

I'd like to share with you a personal request. We would like to have John home for a couple of weeks this summer. It has been a year and a half since he was here, but the cost of travel has increased so much that it may not be possible for him to come. He just finished his 3rd year at West Coast Baptist College and has been paying his own way through school and serving on the music staff of Lancaster Baptist Church. We only ask you to pray that the Lord will provide a way if it is His will.

Darci and Derrick are doing well in Macon, GA, and we are waiting rather impatiently for the arrival of our first grandson in August. Debra plans to be there to help in any way she can.

Your prayers and financial gifts greatly appreciated and are having an impact in Romania! Thank you for your faithfulness.


2010 - first Monday Memo

Dear Prayer Partners,

This is my first Monday Memo of 2010 because we have been very busy through the holidays and first few weeks of the new year. God blessed during the Christmas season. We had several parents come for the children's Christmas program which had the theme: Christmas around the world. Each child was dressed in the attire of different countries and shared a bit about how Christmas is celebrated there, but always coming back to the truth that Jesus is the reason for the season. We also held our choir concert on 2 consecutive nights, which allowed room for more visitors to come.

On New Year's Eve, we had the teens from our church come to our home for a 2-day retreat. We played games, ate lots of good food (and junk food, too), and had 4 teaching sessions. There were 18 in our home. It was a blast and the teens have shown a greater dedication to the Lord and the church so far this year.

This past week we were blessed to have Rick and Kathy Houk with us from Lancaster Baptist Church in California. Brother Houk preached to our church on the End Times on Sunday, Jan. 10th; then on Monday and Tuesday, he preached a series of challenging and helpful messages on servant-leadership at our 5th annual Church Planters Conference. There were over 70 in attendance on Monday night and we used every chair we own! I have received messages from several of the 57 pastors, missionaries and workers who came from other areas of Romania and there was a common expression that God used the messages in a powerful way to challenge them in their labors for the Lord.

On a personal note, we have had several special blessings. Rebekah came home for Christmas with her boyfriend, Travis, and they were a great help and blessing. We also learned that Derrick and Darci (our oldest daughter) are expecting our first grandchild this August! John got to spend Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Tyler in Missouri. God also provided financially in a wonderful way over the holidays. We were able to pay off some debt which we have incurred over the past few years due to college costs, home improvements and airfair expenses. We have been also able to purchase a few special items for the ministry, such as a guitar and tracts. This was truly a timely provision from the Lord through his people.

Thank-you so much for your faithful prayers and support, and especially for the special Christmas gifts!

Your servant in Christ,
Tim J. Tyler
Missionary to Romania