We are past the mid-point of our VBS, and WOW! is it exciting. Our attendance has grown from 65 to 90, and we have 2 more days to see the Lord answer our prayers for 101 (a request initiated by the prayers of Rachel Sewell, a WCBC student who spent a few weeks with us and helped with VBS preparations).
We are also very aware of the spiritual warfare that is manifesting itself in very personal ways. Our youth director's wife was traumatized today when their 2-year-old boy was choking on sunflower seeds he had swallowed and stuck up his nose. Her husband was working at the time, so she had to run down the street in her house shoes trying to find a clinic in the area. They are new to the area, and it took nearly an hour for her to find someone to help her. It sounds absurd, but she literally asked dozens of people to help her, and they only pointed down the street and let her go on by herself. She also went to several clinics which were closed or "too busy" to help. She felt like her son would die in her arms before she could find help in a strange city. But he is ok, and they were faithfully in their places serving the Lord tonight! Yet when the night was over, she broke down in tears as she shared the details of the day.
I also asked the other workers how they felt today, and all of them admitted that there was a great trial just to get to VBS tonight. Our mini-van also died after dropping off the last child last night, and so we are trying to pick up about 30 kids with our church van and 2 borrowed vehicles.
Pray for us and for these dear children to understand the Gospel and to be saved. Several parents are also staying each night; so pray that we can reach them as well.
I will be posting updates and pictures on this blog site and on Twitter - . Please feel free to follow us (our posts) as we follow Christ!

More to follow soon...

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