VBS Memo from Romania-8/31/09

Dear Prayer Partners,

WHAT A WEEK! Our 4th annual Vacation Bible School was an awesome experience, both in activity and in challenge. Our high day was 90 on Wednesday (with a close second of 88 on Friday). Over 125 children came, and 4 of the older kids trusted the Lord as their personal Saviour! Our workers were exhausted, but we are all praising the Lord for what He did this week.

Sunday was a good day. We had several new children come for Sunday School and a few more showed up for Junior Church. This Wednesday afternoon we will hold our first monthly Christian Children's Club with the hope of continuing our relationship with the children who came to VBS. Please pray that this will provide opportunities to meet and minister to their parents as well.

In the month of September, we have scheduled Back to School activities, Ladies Bible study, a Teens In Action activity and our first Involvement Night where we will be challenging people in our church family to get personally involved (with training) in some aspect of the ministry of the Timisoara Independent Baptist Church.

We are once again without a church pianist, so I will be trying to play for services while teaching Bethany and a couple of others how to play congregational songs. I knew I should have practiced more over the years! Please pray for a skilled pianist for our church because we want to be able to always have Christ-honoring special music as well. I am praying that someone would be called of God to come and minister with us in the development of our music ministry. Will you also pray for this, please?

Next week, I will be taking my wife away for a 3-day trip to Venice in celebration of our 25th anniversary; so I may not get the Monday Memo out. Don't think we're going deluxe...we got both plane tickets for 100 euros, and the hotel was a special deal I found online! We are thankful for the goodness of the Lord that we can celebrate in a special way.

Thank-you so much for your faithful prayers and support!

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Rachel said...

Hey! I'm definitely praying! Praise God VBS went well!