Monday Memo - Aug. 10, 2009

Today is a very special day for us because 25-years-ago, I married the girl of my dreams and God has truly given us the desire of our hearts as we have served the Lord together! We now have 3 of our 5 children living half-way around the world, and so our Anniversary seams a bit quiet. But consistent with the pattern which started on our 1st anniversary when we were on a church bus coming back to Wyoming from summer youth camp on the campus of Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College in California, we are busy today with a VBS program at the Gypsy church here in Timisoara. That's ok, we enjoy being busy and sharing our day with people we love (even though we miss our kids, parents and friends from the States). Deb and I will take a special trip next month for a few days, because we found a roundtrip airfare of 50 euros each from Timisoara to Venice, Italy!

Our camp season is over and our young people had a great time. It is apparent that the Lord really spoke to their hearts! In two more weeks we will be conducting the VBS at our church for 6 nights. With a dinosaur theme and an excited team, we are praying for more souls to be saved than in years past and for families to be added to the church.

By faith, we have expanded the area we rent to include 3 more rooms so that we can have room for new classes and a larger Junior Church program. After VBS, we are also planning to start a weekly Christian Children's Club on a weekday to continue to reach children and their families with the Gospel.

Our attendance remains consistently between 45-55 on Sunday mornings, but some of our folks have been gone on vacation. We are looking to a growing time when school starts. We printed 10,000 more tracts and they are being distributed rapidly.

Our personal budget has been devastated by the cost of repairs on our minivan. It has been in the shop 4 weeks out of the past 5, and the costs have grown over $1500. I had hoped to sell it before any such problems developed, but now I'm stuck. The owner of the shop is a Christian and he is allowing me to pay off the repairs in segments of about $500. Please pray that we can get this resolved and try to get into a smaller, more affordable vehicle.

Thank-you so much for your faithful prayers and support!

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